Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cebu Media Unwitting Promoter of SEX ViDeO?

This photo is just a representation.

Newspapers, television networks, and other forms of mass media that depend on income to survive are businesses.

The source of their revenues are advertisers and the advertisers place ads only in mediums that allow maximum exposure of their ads.

A media company's main concern is always how to increase its audience, a task which has become more challenging as the internet and many other diversions compete for its audience's attention.

So when a sex scandal or other events that wet the public's curiosity occur, you can just imagine the smile on the newspaper publisher's face as he anticipates the brisk sales of their newspaper.

Yes, the recent sex scandal involving a girl shot in her school uniform is no different.

The use of the sex scandal story is nothing more than one of the a day to day tools used by media to increase ratings and sales.  If you examine it much closer, many of the stories on the news do not really make our lives better.  The stories exist only to entertain us or feed our curiosity.

The reason why media tell these stories is because we the public want it.  But media controls the faucet of information and can has the power to shutdown destructive stories like this scandal.

At the end of the day, the sex scandal story may have faded or simply have been forgotten but thanks to the unwitting newspaper publicity; the DVD sales and internet searches of this sex scandal will increase and the incident will be forever immortalized in the hard drives of the porn sites.

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  1. A lot of websites use scandal and pinay as meta-tags so as to get visits to their non-porn home pages that have nothing to do with their services or products offered. So one can imagine how tabloids would headline actual pics and sleazy write-ups to attract readers. Nothing to do with journalism; just crass commercialism that sacrifices real human beings in the temple of gold and money.